Author Topic: Ubermix Mass Deployment and FOG 1.2  (Read 700 times)


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Ubermix Mass Deployment and FOG 1.2
« on: June 22, 2015, 02:08:13 PM »
This may be of interest to those of you using the latest version of FOG (as of June 2015)  – I got Ubermix to work on FOG 1.2.  There is no documentation for this online (that I could find)  - I got lucky with my 1st attempt after viewing the error messages.

The older documentation at  is no longer applicable to FOG 1.2, because (partially, I think) of the new partition manager and iPXE boot loader. FOG looks for certain MBR files in Linux images, so one way to get those files up there is easy, using the traditional FOG upload:

1.   Install Ubermix to local HDD on system. Configure it as desired.
2.   Put the Ubermix bootstrap (uberinitrd.gz) in /TFTPBOOT…..right at the TFTP root where the iPXE bootstraps are (not /tftpboot/fog/images). Refer to the existing docs mentioned for a link to that bootstrap.
3.   Create an Ubermix folder in /images (i.e. /images/Ubermix, as per existing docs)
4.   Create an Ubermix image definition in the  FOG UI:
-    Set OS to Linux
-    Set Image Path to same path where you created the Ubermix folder in step #3
-    Set Image Type to “Multiple Partition Image – Single Disk (Not Resizable)”.
5.   Edit the Host - Change the Host Kernel Arguments to "initrd=uberinitrd.gz" without the quotes.
6.    Upload the image – just like you do for Windows, via FOG upload task.

Test download of image from FOG and boot from HDD. Please note that I did not experiment with removing the Ubermix bootstrap, nor its corresponding matching Host Kernel Arguments.