Author Topic: Testing 2.11l and 1.5 on netbooks - Ubermix Lightweight Launcher question  (Read 1084 times)


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I'm new to linux and new to Ubermix. I work at a school board in Ottawa which is a Google based school board. We have deployed Chromebooks, Ipads, and Netbooks to Elementary schools and High Schools in our board. Currently Windows 7 is on our Netbooks and it is a hog. Teachers complain about how long it takes to get into the Netbooks. I came across this site when reading about Linux alternatives to replace Windows XP.

I installed Ubermix 2.11L on 5 netbooks this morning and I think its great. I'm IT and to put some of the work to restore in the hands of the Teachers is great. Very easy to restore. This is the big selling point and it comes with Google Chrome by default. I will get the students to test it out this week to get a feel for any issues and to see if they would rather a Ubermix netbook or a Windows 7 netbook.
I also downloaded and installed Ubermix 1.5 onto a netbook tonight at home. I got to say this Lightweight Desktop is even better than the 2.11l on these desktops. Since these desktops have touch screens the layout is awesome. My kids were playing with it and enjoyed the games LOL.

I'm curious if the 1.5 version ( Ubermix Lightweight LAuncher) desktop is something only available to Ubermix or is it a desktop which can be downloaded to any Ubuntu distro?What is the desktop environment called?



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Re: Testing 2.11l and 1.5 on netbooks - Ubermix Lightweight Launcher question
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2014, 11:54:40 AM »
The lightweight launcher currently relies on gnome2 libraries and needs an older version of ubuntu to run at the moment. We are working on converting it to gnome3 (which ubermix 2 is based on) so that it can be an option for verision 2 and up, however it is still a bit too buggy in its current state to be of any use. ubermix 1 is still a viable option, so if you prefer the launcher I'd use it for now, and stay tuned for an update in the future.