Author Topic: Mounting domain users network home folders OR automounting network share  (Read 1424 times)


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I need to be able to auto-mount the network shared file at startup, or better yet, to mount domain users network home folders when they log in.  In an educational environment, student use all different computers and must save work on the network.  Navigating to the file takes far too long.  If the share would show up it would be faster and if their own domain folder showed up, even better. I am using centrify express to connect to the network and active directory. Student folders have permissions set for domain users.  If anyone can help me with this, I would sure appreciate it!


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Have you tried pam_mount a la ?


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pam_mount was unsuccessful, however, we did solve the problem by creating bookmarks:

#create network share bookmarks
cat'' > /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks
echo smb://pdc/share "SharedDrives" >> /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks
echo smb://pdc/staff/$USER "StaffDrive" >> /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks
echo smb://pdc/students/$USER "StudentDrive" >> /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks
echo file:///home/$USER.gvfs "Network Drives" >> /home/$USER/.gtk-bookmarks

Where smb://pdc/share is the network share path, "SharedDrives" is what you want the bookmark to be called

then move the into the /etc/profile.d/ file:

sudo cp / /etc/profile.d/

Then keep it from recreating the bookmarks every time someone logs in:

drmod 755 /etc/profile.d/


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Re: Mounting domain users network home folders OR automounting network share
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2014, 04:47:09 PM »
autofs may also be your friend here...

In a shared environment it automounts the homedir via nfs/smb or what ever protocol is specified in the automount entry.

Are your kids logging in as themselves or are the netbooks logging in as "user"?

If the former, while it takes more work and understanding, having the system automount on login is pretty slick.

you don;t have to use NFS, you could use smb/cifs if your files are on windows servers.