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Re: sound only works for one user account
« Reply #15 on: June 20, 2014, 11:55:54 AM »
Well, this solution, as given here did NOT work for my domain users. However, since we use Centrify to join the domain, I searched for solutions there.  In case someone is looking for an answer in this thread, here is the one that worked for me with Centrify installed and the Ubermix computer joined to the domain.

Override local Linux groups with Active Directory (AD) groups
Log in as user
Ctrl-alt-T to open a terminal
sudo -i to become root
gedit  /etc/centrifydc/group.ovr
Add a line to the /etc/centrifydc/group.ovr as follows:
+<ADGROUP>:::<GID>:  Where <ADGROUP> is the name of a group in the active directory and <GID> is the group id number (which is found in the /etc/group file)
For example:
+Students:::29     This would add anyone in the Students group to the audio group (which has a group id of 29)
As a root equivalent user, run "adreload"
As a root equivalent user, run "adflush"
Log out as user and log back in as someone in the group you were adding to test it.