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UberMix on Mac Mini
« on: February 17, 2014, 09:21:20 PM »
Our organization (2nd Chance Computers - Modesto) recently received several Intel-based Mac Mini's as donations.  Since our goal is distribute computers free to students, preferably using UberMix, we set a goal to install UberMix 1.3 on the Mini. 

As it turned out it wasn't as complicated as we anticipated.  We were able to boot a USB Parted Magic to wipe the drive, but later couldn't get the USB UM image to boot.  Finally I downloaded the CD-based UM iso, which booted directly to the USB UM image.  The UM image installed at normal speed without problems. 

The biggest problem I had was getting the boot CD out of the drive so the hard drive could boot.  After a little researching, it turns out you can hold down the left mouse button on boot to eject the CD.  After that the system booted easily with no errors on first boot.

I hope this helps anyone who has older Intel-based Mac Minis.